An investigative group studying Telegram’s security and its potential ties to the Kremlin
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Розслідувальна група, яка вивчає безпеку Телеграму та його потенційні зв’язки з Кремлем
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With its 800M+ users, Telegram is one of the world’s largest messengers and news-reading apps. It is also the most opaque of the big tech companies. 

Telegram positions itself as a free speech heaven and a privacy focused messaging app. However, both statements are misleading.

Telegram is proven to be insecure for communication. Its lack of moderation had been used by Russia, ISIS, Hamas, and other terrorist groups to spread their messages to the world. 

Telegram is founded and being built by a team of Russian engineers and entrepreneurs, now mostly based in Dubai. It is still one of the most used apps in Ukraine, despite the war with Russia.

There’s plenty of indirect evidence pointing at Telegram’s close ties to the Kremlin – from personal connections, to history of relations, sources of funding, statements by government officials, and general lack of transparency.

The fact that Telegram itself claims it has “No connection to Russia” only makes this worse. 

Our group investigates these connections based on open data and provides the findings to public and policymakers.

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